Kanye West, Drake, Diddy, Jay-Z, Beyonce and all those winning in the music industry use these same strategies and formula for continued success.
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The Story Behind
Every day people ask me the same question:
How do I make money and build success in the music industry?

I decided to write this book and teach you how.
Eminem and I were sitting on the stoop of my mom’s backyard.  

This was just a few months before his breakout single “My Name Is” dropped.

He was telling me a story of his frustration, and people not believing in him. He then went on to tell me what he did to not only avoid being distracted by these people but also, how he turned them into fans.
Em doesn’t know this but that night, that conversation created a shift in my way of thinking.  A major shift.

The kind of shift I want to create for you. 

A shift that has yielded me tremendous success and can do the very same for you.This book that I've written is a collection of proven strategies to maximize your success in the music industry presented to you in a no BS, matter of fact manner.

I wanted to create a guide that I wished I had when I was coming up. The good thing for you is that I didn’t because if I did, I wouldn’t have learned the many lessons and skills that have not only worked for me, but also for countless others who I have discovered, consulted, advised or helped.

Now, I’ll show you how they can work for you.

Throughout this book I’ll tell you stories that give you a priceless understanding of strategies that successful artists I’ve worked with like DJ Snake used to achieve tremendous success. I will tell you exactly what he did and how it worked. You’ll learn the tricks & traits that others I’ve worked with such as Big Sean, Diddy, and Pitbull have used that catapulted them to continued success.

This book will also help you make better decisions and avoid the dumb ass mistakes I’ve made over the course of my 20 years in the music business and seen others make and still make over and over again.

In simpler terms, I’ll teach you how to do more dope sh*t and less dumb sh*t.

I know the struggle you go through, the aggravation, the depression, the self doubt, the highs and lows, the frustration, confusion and I feel your pain because, I was YOU.


You are living in the greatest and most exciting time ever to be making money creating, producing, and promoting music. There has NEVER been more opportunities for the unsigned, aspiring artist or musician to build a career or business with music. But you need the right information.

This book WILL change your life.

So whether you want to be a singer, rapper, DJ, producer, manager, executive, promoter, etc. this book IS
Your go to, kick in the ass, strategy guide for making big breakthroughs and next level success in the music industry.

My goal is to teach you the EXACT formula that allowed me to win BIG in the music business. I want to simplify the process for you so that you know exactly what to do.
Making a full time career out of the music business is not as unreachable and unattainable as people make it out to be.

My book will layout a very easy way to effectively turn your passion into your career.

Let's face it, most people are clueless on how to make it. They don't know where to find the answers and are misinformed by the wrong sources.

I want to pull back the curtains and show you how the to break into the music business and how to make sure you get your fair shot at making it big.

These are the exact strategies that artists like Eminem, Cardi B, Daddy Yankee, and DJ Khaled used to not only make it but to also stay super relevant...
I Will Teach You:
  • Finding Your Audience
  • Make Your Song Go Viral
  • Get Your Music On The Radio
  • ​Connect With Celebrity Artists
  • ​Dirt Pile Strategy
  • ​Multiple Streams of Income
  • ​Marketing Your Brand
  • ​Mastering A.R.T.
  • ​The Formula
Here's What To Do Next:
Listen, this book is limited edition. Your part is to cover the cost of the book. I'm not making a dime off of this. I'm breaking even Pretty amazing deal, right?
Oh, and in case you're wondering...
There Is No Catch.
I've spent the last 20 years getting people familiar with me and with others. Now I want to make sure the world gets familiar with you.

If your goal is to make a full time income in the music industry then this is a MUST HAVE tool for you. Nothing in life comes easy, but if you have someone who was done it successfully wouldn't you want to learn how to shortcut your way to success? 

If you are ready to take your music career serious than this is the first step.
Nathan Anderson
Reading this book has given me the necessary foundation to turn my talent into a money maker. I never knew how to bridge the two. Clinton absolutely crushed it in this book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Paula Rodriguez
The first and only book that shows you A-Z without holding anything back. I am excited to crush this new decade and let people hear my voice!

If you're sick and tired of your current situation then this is the first step to changing. I have found the missing link between my passion and my goals. Thank you so much Clinton!
Jack Nelson
Clinton and I have a lot in common. We both come from nothing. i know he can relate because this book has shown me exactly how I can go from zero to hero from peasant to king. Thanks Clinton!
Tyron Davis
If you are serious about making a career out of the music business then you NEED to get Clintons' book. If you are truly serious then this is the next step for you! This book has helped me change my mindset!
Rachel Simmons 
The real life strategies in this book are super practical and easy to follow. Got a new agent last month because of this and we are weeks away from a record label deal! Clinton I owe you the world.
Chris Harris
From the music producer side this book is legendary. It book is relevant to any niche in the industry. The insight is priceless! GET A COPY!

The amount of information and value that Clinton provides holds its weight in gold. GET ONE NOW!
Dianne Patterson
I'm 42 years old and still working as a song writer on the side. This book has given me the tools to turn my passion into a full time income. This was such a great read. I advise you get it!
Marcus Owens
Clinton covers everything. From technical to relational and more. I am super happy with this read. I can't wait to let the rest of my band read it.

The fact that this book exists is insane. I'm so happy I took this offer!
Timothy Adams
My goal is to make money in music. I know that after reading this book I have the necessary tools to start in that path. Thanks Clinton, this book is dope!!

This Book is POWERFUL!
Liza Sanders
I've been managing artist for 12 years now and all I can say is that since i read this book my mindset has completely shifted. I can't wait to start implementing all the great advice I have gotten from it. I recommend this book 100%
Jordan Alec
From the production side of the business I am always looking at booking new gigs and networking with big artists. This book has shown me the proper way to get into those hard to find circles in LA. Thanks bro!
Chris Olson
If you are truly serious about winning big in the music business then this is a one stop shop for you. Do yourself a massive favor and get this book. It will help you accomplish your goals!

I recommend it. Its a quick read and holds massive value!
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